Board of Directors

Rocking K9 Companions LLC would not be in business or able to share with you what we know without our knowledgeable and friendly Board of Directors.

Mesa is a key founding member for Rocking K9 Companions.  She was born February 10, 2007.  Also known as Mesa Pants, Mesa first moved to Bozeman where she took over the responsibilities of exercise, companionship,  and domestication for Prairie.   Mesa quickly enrolled in the school of obedience and agility.  She loves to herd cattle at highest speed and endurance and she is rarely seen without a toy or stick in her mouth.  As Chairwoman of the Board, she plays a big role as a referee for everyone. She is also very good about letting me know when Ole or the Baby Kits are doing something I would not approve of.

Ole Oma was born April 29, 2011.  Prairie always knew she wanted her next dog to be a long-haired, red and white male border collie (the exact opposite of Mesa).  Whatever Mesa does and says, Ole concurs.  He thinks of Mesa as his goddess sister.  He will never let Mesa forget where she left her toy or stick.  Holy Moly Ole Rolley Polley’s herding instincts are showing nicely.  Ole is going to teach Prairie exactly how border collies instinctually work cattle with a gather as opposed to a drive, which many handlers have trained their border collies to do.

Master Colie, yet another key founding member for Rocking K9 Companions, is 12 years old this year.  He lived the first 8 years of his life in Bozeman.  He is Prairie’s first official “pet of her own.”  He is a wonderful provider of food and affection.  Colie was known to disappear for 3 or 4 days in busy Bozeman and upon his return, he would smell deliciously of wood fire smoke.  It didn’t take long for Prairie to realized that Colie was not just providing for her, but for several neighbors in the cul de sac they resided.  A few neighbors admitted to letting this fine feline in to their house for dinner and visits with them, their cats and their dogs.  Colie loves being home in the country, splitting his time between house visits and the calving barn with his new friend Gray Kitty Stray Kitty.

Phyllis was born in the spring of 2009.  As a member of the Rocking K9 board, Phyllis provides training practice for Prairie as well as Mesa and Ole.  Phyllis is so tame and gentle that we have used her for socialization, exercise, and clicker training too.  She is very good at sharing her oats with the chickens and she is very good at being ridden under a western or english saddle.  She’s been to the mountains for hunting trips and summer trips. She does a pretty good job of walking through fallen timber (she’s only been high-centered once) and she even put up with wolves coming through camp.  Phyllis loves to move cattle.  Just like Mesa and Ole, Phyllis works best when her mind is stimulated.

Big Head, Sue, Sue Too, Black Betty with Brown Feathers, Ari, Rose and the rest of the cheap cheaps provide food, clicker and herding lessons, calcium for our bones, marketing and not to mention entertainment to Rocking K9 Companions.  The first of these birds were incubated right under Mesa, Colie and Phyllis’s noses.  This is what has easily made them part of the family.  If you would like to get on their egg customer list, please contact Prairie.  Price is $5.00 a dozen.