The Idea

We at Rocking K9 Companions believe that training is something you should do WITH your dog. Training with your dog is be a life-long commitment. We will show you the tools to do this and achieve your personal goals to become a great team. Teaching your dog to do what you like and want is basically like teaching English as a second language.  And because I find it so fascinating we can teach other beings to do the things we want, I think of all behaviors as tricks.  Teaching and learning tricks is much more fun than behaviors, don’t you think?

Having a dog is a big responsibility and can be so much fun and rewarding if you begin socializing your partner as soon as you can. Our classes are geared to show you a direction to take in training your puppy or older dog to live successfully and safely with you in our human world. We believe in using positive reinforcement, reward-based training to obtain the fluent behaviors we want in order to build a lifelong relationship.

Some classes require a prerequisite.  We offer at least 1 pre-req class in conjunction with an advanced class and we offer a variety of classes for all ages and breeds of dogs. Please visit the classes page for more detail on each class, including schedules and pricing.

Puppy Foundation is for puppies 8-16 weeks old.
Intermediate Foundation is for puppies 4-11 months old.
Clicks for Tricks is for dogs of all ages.
Doggy Decorum Forum is a multi-age basic behavior class.
Spring Training is for puppies 11 months and older.
C.G.C. is for dogs 10 months and older to become an AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen.
Foundation Tricks is for dogs 8 months and older needing more to work on than foundation behaviors, with a twist.
Agility 101 is the foundation class for dogs 10 months and older interested in agility obstacle coursework, whether you are planning to compete or not.
Dance with your Dog is for anyone wanting to learn basic freestyle techniques, whether planning to compete or not.
Herding 101 is the foundation class for anyone interested in herding birds or livestock.

1 on 1’s are a great way to work individually with the instructor on specific behaviors or concerns.

Gift certificates are available for your dog-loving friends and family. Contact Prairie for more information.

Please download and complete the registration form once you have signed up, through Prairie, for a class or private lesson.