Links to take you to some of my favorite tools for dog training.
These links take you to 1 of many places you can purchase these handy tools.  You may want to check around with your local pet suppliers if you do not want to order them from the world wide web.

Please let me know if a link is broken.

  • Bully Sticks for young dogs that are teething and get bored quickly.
  • KONG is a great toy you can stuff with a treat and buy yourself some time.  Peanut butter, cream cheese, regular cheese are favorites.  Frozen KONGs make the game last longer.  Having several on hand saves time and you can even share with visiting friends.
  • Easy Walk Harness is a lovely tool for those dogs that tend to pull on the leash more than you would like.  This harness has a clip on the chest piece so when your dog pulls, he or she automatically turns themselves back into you, just what you want.
  • Wire Crates are great because they provide optimum light and ventilation.  They also fold up nice and flat for travel.  When shopping for crates, be sure to get one large enough for your dog to be able to stand up and turn a full 360 degrees.

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