Hunter’s or Halloween Orange?

Hunter’s or Halloween Orange?
I posted this entry last fall.  I just want to remind outdoorsey folk to play it safe during hunting season. 

I like to hike with my dog, alot.  Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year to get out into the mountains for fresh air and beautiful scenery.
I would be willing to place a bet that a lot of you like to go hiking where the deer and the antelope roam too.  During hunting season, I like to play it safe with my dog in order to let her enjoy this season as well.

Hunter's orange keeps dogs safe.

I make her wear hunter’s orange. I found a cheap, plastic hunter’s orange vest at a local store and it was large enough to cut 4 or 5 strips, tie each one in a loop, and slip over an adult dogs’ head.  I still make her wear her collar of course, but with the orange she really sticks out now when she’s running through the trees, lessening the chances of her being tragically mistaken for a 7 point bull elk, or a black bear, or any species that is being hunted where I hike this and next month.
And, personally speaking, I think she looks good enough to trick or treat with me too.  Too bad she can’t have any chocolate candy.