My Turn For School

My Turn For School
Location: Seattle
Weather: Rainy
Why: To Attend a Dog Training Seminar by Ian Dunbar

That’s right, I am in Seattle, sitting on my friend’s couch, looking out over Pikes Place Market, drinking a nice cup of joe and still on Montana time. I could be sleeping still but I am taking the advantage of the internet being available in the same house as I am. This is pretty cool.

I am here to attend an Ian Dunbar dog training seminar, for people. I had to leave the Board of Directors in the hands of other people while I embark on this journey. 4 days of information to take away and add to my business structure…I can’t wait. Topics to be covered are: Marketing, Behavior Counseling, Adult Dog Classes, and Puppy Classes.

For those interested in who Ian Dunbar is, here is a link to Ian’s TED talk. I look forward to sharing with you what I learn.

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