Basket of Toys

Basket of Toys
Each indoor play session with toys begins with polite behavior.  Nothing in life is free.  That is the rule for my dogs and now that I think about it, all of us.  We must work in order to get paid.

Polite Behavior

All of my dogs’ toys are placed in a basket at the end of each play session, ready for the next.  They are each allowed 1 toy per play session, any toy they want, but they only get 1.  So really, there are 3 toys out per session, which is plenty.

Basket of Toys

Allowing the dogs to only have 1 toy a piece keeps the novelty in all of the toys.  The ball is just as important as the squeaky penguin which is just as important as the brown bear. This concept also keeps toy life longer.  The dogs aren’t able to hide a toy and chew on it with out me knowing.   But most of all, this concept teaches them that polite behavior gets them FUN!

Rushing for Toy

Winnie Getting Toy

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