Basket of Tricks

Basket of Tricks
To keep training sessions simple and random, I write all the tricks I teach my dogs on 1/2 of a recipe card, fold it up and put it in a basket.

Basket of Tricks

Each training session I pull out 3 tricks to work on.  This allows us to work on tricks that are not as fluent as some.  I am guilty of it, and I have seen it done numerous times, that handlers tend to train over and over the tricks, or behaviors, that are fluent with the dog – thus being nearly 100% successful.  It’s great and necessary to maintain those fluent behaviors but it’s also equally important to work on those behaviors that aren’t as fluent to get them to be just as fluent.

First 3 Tricks

Next 3 Tricks

I train my dogs 4-5 times a day.  Each training session is no more than 5 minutes long – and we incorporate training into our daily walks.  But to make it easy, I like to pull out 3 tricks for the morning session, 3 more tricks for the noon training, 3 more tricks for afternoon and 3 more for evening.  I keep each set of 3 out of the basket until we have worked on each trick in the basket.

Try it.  Keeps training fun and interesting.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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