Clicker Training

For those of you who have taken a Rocking K9 Companions class, you have heard me refer to the training method using a clicker.  Some of you have seen, heard, and used a clicker and some have not.  Here is a picture of 2 clickers.  The one on the right makes a softer sounds and has a button to push.  The clicker on the left makes a sharper click by pressing the metal part down with your thumb.


Clickers make a sound (a click) that resembles the noise a pen makes when pushing the top of it.  Clicks are used to mark behaviors you like in a dog, horse, chicken, and many other animals.  You can then build fluency of that behavior by rewarding the animals with a treat such as a toy, or food treat.

So the equation looks like this:  CLICK + REWARD = FLUENCY

Stay tuned for clicker training videos.