Best In Show

This entry was inspired by a friend and a client who said “It doesn’t matter if my dog is the only one in a class or if she is in a class of 100, she is the BEST!  Best In Show.”            That’s true love.

In my high school days, I was involved in the local 4-H program.  1 year I decided to show a dog.  This dog’s name was Bill.  Bill was deaf but he was still a great dog.  This is Bill.


Bill and I attended some training sessions.  Before we knew it, it was time for the show.  Nervous as all get out, I washed Bill, combed him, crash course trained him the day of and we went to the show.

Bill and I walked out into the ring.  The judge approached the center of the ring.  The judge was my trainer from previous training sessions.  Great, I thought.  She’s going to be looking for extra good behavior from us since she knows us.  The announcer asked us to walk on.  It was then I realized that Bill and I were the only team competing.

We did our routine as asked.  The judge even had a bag of treats next to her at all times.  Talk about Distractions!  My deaf dog Bill did very well.  He did so well, we won a trophy.

Best In Show:  1994 Teton County Senior Dog Showman

Best In Show

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