Welcome to Rocking K9 Companions.

Thank you for taking the time to explore training opportunities for you and your dog. We believe that training is something you should do WITH your dog in order to build a successful, lifelong partnership. After all, you chose this animal to live with you in your human world. Imagine if they chose humans to live with them in the canine world…wouldn’t you want the best chance to succeed?

There are many training methods out there and some may or may not work. Our positive reinforcement training methods are based on clicker training techniques. Please see the blog post on clicker training for more specific information but to give you a cliff note version; clicker makes noise that marks behavior we like. We reward behavior with a treat (food, toy, etc) building fluency in behavior. This training style has worked very well for us. It keeps our rocking canines happy when they succeed get paid. It keeps us happy when we see quick results.

Rocking Canine Companions offers group classes and private lessons. Our classes include foundation obedience for puppies, adolescents and adults. We offer agility and herding foundation and more. We also offer AKC’s Canine Good Citizen classes and certifications. Please check the website regularly to be notified when group classes are offered.

Private lessons are offered at our facility or can be done in your own home. These are booked by appointment only. Call Prairie at 406-570-8559 to schedule one today.

Visit the classes page, the 1 on 1’s page and contact Prairie for more information.

We wish you and your rocking canine companion the best of luck and we look forward to meeting you.