All classes are limited in number of dog/person teams allowed. Pre-registration is required. Contact Prairie to register. After reviewing registration papers, teams may be moved to another class based on trainer’s discretion. Children 13 years old and younger may attend with a parent, with the parent as the handler of the dog at all times. Once you have signed up for a class through Prairie, please download and complete the registration form and return it to her before the first night of class.
Rocking K9 Registration Form

Please pay special attention to the link below. It tells you what to bring to class, or what to pack in your doggy diaper bag!!
What To Bring


  • Wednesdays beginning Sept 6-Sept 27. 4:00-5:00 pm.
  • Bring your toolbox. We will give you the tools to build confidence and obedience. This is a prerequisite for other classes.
  • Cost is $125 for the 4 classes.

Socialization of your new rocking canine is stressed in this class. This is an opportunity for you to introduce your puppy to all kinds of noises, surfaces, people, buildings, vehicles, etc. Socializing will get you a healthier puppy and happier partnership. We will go over basic tools to teach your dog to sit, down, stay, and recall. You will also be given advice on polite and proper puppy ownership.

At 4-12 months old, puppies are going to test their boundaries and owner patience. You need to give your dog full attention, if you expect full attention from him or her. This class curriculum is to introduce and learn to improve response time for basic behaviors. You will become more attentive in capturing and rewarding behaviors. Owner focus will be highlighted and the 3D’s (distance, distraction, duration) and the 80% rule will be applied in order to achieve fluency in behaviors. You will learn to better understand your best friend and create personal communication channels between your dog and you. This is often a repeated class.

Canine Good Citizen is an AKC Certification. Many cities, states and countries have adopted this AKC program to reward dogs with good manners and owners for responsible pet ownership. Stores, motels, apartment rental agencies and even dog parks may only allow these certified teams on their property in order to prevent unnecessary accidents. You will learn the 10 basic requirements needed to pass the C.G.C test in this foundation class. The test will be on a date (ytd) after last day of class. When you pass, you can opt to obtain a rewarding collar tag, certificate, and a patch to brag about your accomplishments.


Wednesdays beginning Sept 6-Sept 27. 5:30-6:30 pm.

  • Pre-requisite required.
  • Cost is $125 for the 4 classes.

Tricks is a class for dogs 6 months and older needing more to work on than foundation behaviors.  What not a better way to entertain your friends and family with some tricks and team building techniques you and your dog have developed.  Teams will learn “tricks” that are also good stretching techniques for before and after an activity.  These tricks are also a good way to keep your dogs mind exercised during the cold winter months when physical activity is lessened.  A mentally stimulated dog is much more tired at the end of a session than a physically exercised dog!